Directors responsibilities

Each and every limited company is owned by its shareholders, but it is functioned by a director. Apart from making sure overall administration and management of the whole company, the director has multi - faceted tasks in ensuring operations are smooth and set targets are met at many times. Under the companies act the director's roles are explained clearly whereby they are placed in positions to make sure success of the business.

Among the responsibilities of any director, specifically in limited liability companies are making sure all regular needs are completed on time. Among these business strategies might be the local implementation and national laws on health and safety, employment and labor and taxes. Reports on the same will be sent to the Companies House, along with annual account submission of the limited company. Other documents need to be prepared and delivered to the Companies House including, notifications, annual returns, notifications on any changes on the company officers, allotment of shares and other charges. The Company House also as the firm needs for privately run organizations such as requiring 14 days for the information on a director's appointment, changes in the director's details and end of term. Such has to be submitted with 2 weeks from the day of the development.

Any company with LLC or Ltd in their business name has one director, unlike other limited companies where at least 2 directors need to be seated. Also, it is the shareholders of the companies that appoint the director, totally depends on the preference of the group. They might need specific experience or expertise particular to the industry where the company belongs.

Candidates of the director of any company should also be above 16 years of age. Permission from the court must be needed from candidates who have been disqualified by court for such position.