What is ERWIN?

The ERWIN website was launched in July 2009. The basic concept of the ‘ERWIN’ (‘Everything Regulation, Whenever it's Needed’) Project is simple – to provide regulatory services information in an innovative way that will make it more accessible and useful for businesses. The project, which addresses many of the recommendations of the Anderson Review, aims to provide consistent guidance which will:
  • simplify and interpret the legislation;
  • provide sector specific advice and information for businesses, so they have appropriately
    targeted advice;
  • assist businesses to prioritise the work they need to do in order to meet the legal
  • be tailored to include all of the legislation that is applicable to the particular activities of the
  • be easy to access, timely, easy to understand and use simple checklists;
  • give clear instructions on how to comply; and
  • increase transparency about the likely outcome if the business fails to comply with particular

ERWIN Objectives

  • Establish a progressive and collaborative approach to providing regulatory advice and information to businesses
  • Generate efficiencies for each Authority involved by avoiding the duplication of work and effort and by sharing the maintenance of currency of advice material
  • Ensure consistency and simplicity of advice and information for businesses.
  • Provide regulatory information in an innovative way that will make it more accessible and useful for businesses.
  • Engage with businesses to understand how they want business advice to be give


This collaborative project involves the Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Fire and Rescue (FRS) and Licensing services across the East of England. It has a wider scope within Trading Standards as the project has received support of all of the English and Welsh regional trading standards groups.  We are continuing our work with our Environmental Health, Licensing and Fire & Rescue colleagues in order to have these services on ERWIN roll out nationally as well.

ERWIN Advice

The development of the project is informed by regional consultation with a wide range of businesses and aims to address business concerns about overly complex information on
legislation; about difficulties identifying applicable legislation; and about a lack of consistency in the advice provision by different local authorities. Therefore the advice and information on the ERWIN website is: 
  • Targeted – sector specific advice that's appropriate to your business and its individual needs.
  • Simplified – we aim to have legislation already interpreted for businesses, giving clear instructions on how compliance can be achieved.
  • Prioritised – the prioritisation is in the form of priority 1, 2 and 3 packages of legislative advice, with emphasis placed on getting those that are priority 1 right first. You will be able to prioritise the allocation of resources to those compliance activities that require the most immediate action.

New and Improved ERWIN!

We have worked with our Environmental Health, Licensing and Fire & Rescue colleagues in order to expand the advice on ERWIN to cover these services as well. We have strived to achieve this national, co-ordinated and consistent approach to Business Advice across a full range of regulatory services in order to provide a one-stop-shop website for businesses and will at the same time maintain continued and extensive consultation with business, as the project develops. This will help us to ensure that we uphold the original intention of this project - to deliver business advice and information in the way that businesses want.
What's more, the service continues be Free at the point of delivery.